Brazilian Minister Celso Amorim gives lectures on foreign policy at FGV

Ambassador Celso Amorim

The International Intelligence Unit (IIU) organised a series of lectures with Ambassador Celso Amorim, former Brazilian Minister, entitled "Tehran, Ramallah and Doha: Memories of the Efficient and Assertive Foreign Policy”.

Ambassador Amorim was Minister of Foreign Relations during the mandates of Presidents Itamar Franco and Lula da Silva, and Minister of Defence during the first mandate of President Dilma Rousseff. He has also acted as Ambassador of Brazil in New York, Geneva and London.

Ambassador Amorim spoke about the negotiations between Brazil and Turkey in 2010, which would lead to the beginning of an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. The agreement did not materialize due to the later opposition of the United States. The lectures of the event also covered the efforts of Lula’s government to promote peace in the Middle East and Arab countries in general, and the complex and delicate negotiations of the Doha Round in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Ambassador Amorim is IIU special consultant.

To see more photos of the event, please click here.


Thursday, September 24, 2015