Experts and officials discuss power importing between Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay

Ruderico Pimentel, an international intelligence analyst from FGV’s International Intelligence Unit (NPII), participated in a workshop on the Ordinance on Power Importing by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. The meeting, organized by the Brazilian Committee of the International Conference for Renewable Energy (Bracier), was held on September 20 in Brasília.

The event was restricted to guests and is part of the activities of a Argentina-Brazil-Uruguay Work Group that is discussing matters relating to electric energy trading between the three countries. It was attended by representatives of the main institutional agents of the Brazilian Electricity Sector (SEB), such as the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel), the National System Operator (ONS) and the Chamber of Electric Energy Commercialization (CCEE). The event also included professionals from trading companies and representatives from Argentina and Uruguay.

The NPII is developing concepts and approaches to strengthen South American integration in the field of energy, especially – but not exclusively – electricity, and Ruderico Pimentel was invited to this discussion as a result of relevant works carried out under his supervision. The issue of energy pricing in these border locations is essential to advancing the densification of mutual exchanges.


Monday, October 1, 2018