About us

FGV’s International Intelligence Unit (FGV IIU) is a content provider, with the purpose of opening markets and partnerships abroad for Brazil and FGV, and bringing smart solutions, ideas and investments from abroad to Brazil.

It produces knowledge on key international issues, trying to be vocal in all those considered vital to Brazilian interests. Comparisons, further intelligence in less known regions, and (intellectual) go-between endeavours among selected groups of partners, like the BRICS, fall also into our objectives.

The Unit has a small team of permanent employees – more than 50% international – and a selected group of special consultants, made of senior executives, former state Ministers, Ambassadors and Directors of large public utilities companies. It also mobilises different resources from FGV, as well as external ones, when conducting its several projects.

Contrary to a university department, or many think tanks, we, in principle, only embark on projects that may offer the possibility of further developments and interconnections. Most share a ‘conceptual and purposes overlap’, as we work with a long term, strategic view, which contemplates not only the evolution of international issues and themes, as that of the optimal positioning of the Foundation.