Assessing South American Green Economy: Policy Solutions Emerging from Native Ecosystems

Following our last work conducted in 2021 in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation on its Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America (KAS EKLA), we have the pleasure to share our novel study: “Assessing South American Green Economy Policy Solutions: Emerging from Native Ecosystems".

After our previous analysis on “The Latin American Atlas of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives” wich — among other things — was able to compare private green economy initiatives from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico to the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of such countries, we had identified the need to deepen research on sustainable development in the region, taking into account its socioeconomic, geographic and natural peculiarities.

Likewise, Assessing South American Green Economy was based on a joint work objecting innovative findings on the economic strategies for mitigation and adaptation to climatic changes, in order to not only contribute to the existing knowledge on Green Economy, but also proposing new perspectives in the identification of paths for the construction of a possible Green New Deal in the Amazon, Andes and Pampas biomes. From this econossystems division, it was possible to systematize each type of development, observing their points in common and the particular needs and potentials of each ecosystem in order to promote a package of political recommendations.

This study was coordinated by FGV IIU team, but was only possible due to a series of interviews with specialists, researchers, public managers, and legal/public relations representatives of the mapped companies that are present in the report. Additionally, the last was divided in: i. reviewing the existing literature on the topic; ii. mapping the current and future initiatives related to the Green Economy; iii. identifying best practices and innovative ideas; iv. developping a body of knowledge capable of providing policy recommendations for a comprehensive strategy that combines conservation and development to provide subsidies to the next electoral cycle in South American countries.

Access the full report: Assessing South American Green Economy Policy Solutions: Emerging from Native Ecosystems