The Atlas of Latin American Businesses Cooperative Actions for Sustainability: Corporate Institutional Innovation on Sustainability

The FGV IIU in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stifftung under its Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change in Lantin America, signed a new project aiming to debate the theme of Circular Economy - focusing on building sustainable efficiency from supply.

As the sustainability challenges are of a global nature, business actors have been continuously pressed by its stakeholders in the last decades. Such pressures also travel through global value chains, thus reaching Latin American producers and consumers as well. These forces represent market and non-market actions, and sustainable behaviors are usually incorporated in corporate knowledge base, internal routines and procedures. Moreover, businesses international movements have been positioning themselves as important amplifiers from these stakeholders’ pressures by reaching other countries. Often, companies chart their way in unregulated areas, and this lack is sometimes filled by companies themselves, which create rules and norms that eventually are absorbed and internalized by countries and institutions.

Corporate sustainability governance is still a phenomenon in the making. Although there are few examples of global indexes of private sustainability schemes (eg. Ecolabel Index), none of them is particularly dedicated to a better understand of Latin American Businesses Cooperative Actions for Sustainability nor their effects for the region. Against this background, the study ‘Atlas of Latin American Businesses Cooperative Actions for Sustainability: Corporate Institutional Innovation on Sustainability’ will map business initiatives on sustainability in the region, developing measurable indicators and identifying best practices. For that end, our analysis will focus on codes of conduct, private contracting, certification schemes and other methods that can be applied to contracts design, knowledge transfers and/or corporate governance rules in order to disseminate sustainability practices throughout the international business environment.

Access the Report here:
The Latin American Atlas of Corporate Sustainable Initiatives