Brazilian Global Value Chain Initiative – Understanding the South Korean Best Practices

This project aims to develop a better understanding on the South Korean Best Practices regarding its development model and the formation of its supply chains, in the context of its insertion on the Global Value Chains. The main project objectives are: i. Study the Brazilian insertion on the global market and its supply chains; ii. Develop a body of knowledge that will serve as subsidy for policy and decision makers; and iii. Inform and debate with both the productive and political class on strategies for the Brazilian development, specifically regarding its better integration on the global market and in the global supply chains.

The project will focus on review and mapping of the existing literature on the South Korean model of development, focusing in its insertion on the global/regional value chain. Although the mapping of the literature is a key part of the understanding process, the project will also seek to interview South Korean experts and practitioners to add a more practical dimension for the research overview.

Once the research is able to draft a comprehensive picture of the South Korean Benchmark, the project will correlate it with the Brazilian experience and current scenario, in order to extract differences and similarities from both models. This exercise will enable the research team to draw a set of possible best practices from the South Korean experience to inspire and influence the project overall objective of offering a consistent knowledge basis and draft strategy for the Brazilian development.

This project is the result of a partnership with the Korean Foundation.


Access the Reports here:

1 - Economic Development and Global Value Chain Insertion: A View from Brazilian and South Korean Lenses

2 - Perspectives of Global Value Chain Insertion: The Brazilian and South Korean Models

3 - Global Value Chain, SME, and Policy: Korean Perspective 

4 - The Importance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Global Value Chains

5 - Brazil, South Korea, and Global Value : A Tale of Two Countries

6 - Global Value Chain (GVC) and GVC-oriented Policy: Insights from the South Korean Experience