Event discusses the overlap between energy and transportation in the Atlantic basin

FGV’s International Intelligence Unit (IIU) will participate in the Energy Conference of the Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies Project from July 20-21. The event will be held at Johns Hopkins University SAIS, in Washington DC, USA, kicking off the first stage of the project. The project is an initiative by the IIU in partnership with nine other educational institutions, each based on the four continents of the Atlantic, in countries considered strategic for the exploration of the emerging pan-Atlantic themes that are particularly relevant to the European Union.

The project will cover three main themes, spanning across a period of three years: energy (2017), economy (2018), and human safety (2019). The event will explore issues related to the overlap between energy and transportation across the Atlantic basin. Participants will analyze shifts in the dynamics of the energy and transportation industries in different sub-regions and political arenas of the Atlantic area. Scholars from different countries will present their research projects and identify potential ‘pan-Atlantic’ lessons for the decarbonization of transportation, based on the goal established by the Paris Agreement to reduce gas emissions and stabilize global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

Professor Renato Flores will open the event. In addition to presenting an overview of the project, Flores will also introduce the topic of energy, which marks the first year of the project. The Director of the NPII also will act as moderator of the session ‘Maritime Trade and Transportation in the Atlantic Basin: Limits and Potentials of Decarbonization.’ He will also be responsible for closing the session with the subject ‘Implications for the European Union and Other Atlantic Actors.’

This conference will result in a book to be published by the end of this year and that will be open for consultation by the academic community and opinion leaders. 

Go to this website to learn more about the event.

Go to this website to learn more about the project.


Monday, July 17, 2017